Vidhi Chawla

Founder of Fisico Diet Clinic
Member - SHEconnects

About Vidhi Chawla - SHEconnects

With a strong background in Nutrition and Food Science, VIDHI CHAWLA is graduated in B.Sc in Life Sciences and has done Masters in Dietetics and Food Service Management field. Additionally, she is qualified as a Diabetic Educator and Oncology Nutrition Specialist. Vidhi also possesses a Diploma in Dietetics, Health, and Nutrition from VLCC and a Certificate in Food and Nutrition from IGNOU. She has been helping clients to build a habit of healthy eating for 7 years now.

Apart from the long list of her qualifications, Vidhi is a mother of two kids who also owns a clinic named as Fisico Diet Clinic where she offers multiple health and wellness programs for treating health issues like Nutritional deficiency, Weight Loss/Gain, Detoxification, Pediatric Nutrition, whereas women’s issues like PMS, Pre, and Post Natal Pregnancy, Menopause, etc.

Inspiration for many, Vidhi contributes her efforts and takes pride in it for the development of the numerous people from all spheres of life with varied backgrounds, religions and carrying different mindsets. Being a working mother, she understands how precious each patient's time is and came with a solution of counselling through skype who can't travel to her place. Besides her passion for her work, Vidhi loves to travel the world with her family. Furthermore, Vidhi was appreciated by The Best Doctor and Health Care Award for Best Dietician in West Delhi 2017 & the Chitragupta Award 2017 for Best Dietician in West Delhi for her constant hard-work.

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