Upasna Gupta

Founder and Owner of Mishika Fabrics
Member - SHEconnects

About Upasna Gupta - SHEconnects

In a world of male dominance, a homemaker and entrepreneurship, UPASNA GUPTA, has started giving her share to all the women of the world and herself by setting an example through this journey of recognition of her brand to the world. Qualified in M.ed and likes to read books, novels whereas travel and explore new designs. Let me tell you with designs we meant designs of fashion garments. She is a founder and owner of Mishika Fabrics and her brand name is 'Dharayati'. With an urge to preserve our cultural heritage and to give in return to the country by playing her part is what Upasna looks forward to. Bringing awareness of handloom in the world by creating sustainable fashion garments, Upasna has some big goals to achieve yet.

Upasna deals in a variety of hand weaved Banarasi Bandhani Dupattas, Sarees, lehengas and Pure Patan Patola. These are all Heirloom products passed on from one generation to another. She has ample options ranging from bridal couture to day to day wear. Meanwhile, she is contributing to society by supporting the weavers of India, more precisely weavers of Gujarat.

Travelling may bring time issues with spending less time with kids and family but her passion for her work covers all of that, besides that, her family is very supportive. Upasna wants to make it big until everyone knows about her brand. Meanwhile, every year she visits leprosy society to distribute food and sometimes, old age home too./

A strong personality like Upasna with a focused vision helps SHEconnects get in touch with several women waiting for their turn to convert their dreams into reality. SHEconnects is a women club with women networking at a high level as the reach is too broad. We support women empowerment where women support women in every manner. Whereas women with goals get a platform to share their part with infinite women out there.

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