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About Swati Sharma - SHEconnects

Professionally working as an Energy Coach and Celebrity Tarot Consultant currently, SWATI SHARMA is qualified in Psychic Readings from USA Institute. Since starting she had the urge to make it big and presently she is engaged in collaborating with different modality experts of energy work.

With a dream of building an Energy Hospital, offering services like OPD for tarot, Vastu, astrologer, numerology, pranic, chakras she has been climbing her steps to the new world. She wants to build a place where patients walking in have a solution from pin to plane without depending on medicines or doctors.

Her hobby of connecting to people and hearing them out, thereby helped her enable hundreds of clients associated to stay empowered. Swati seeks peace and through her countless psychic tarot and energy workshops, she passes on powerful energy tools to bring happiness and peace in everyone's life.

She thinks that the actions of today will lead to a world where peace is the natural spoken language leaving behind the chaos, hatred, and negativity which has been penetrating a gap among us.

Very committed to her goals, this business owner has come this far by taking small steps at a time. Kudos to her courage to connect and to give power and strength to the women who has been adjusting so far.

Swati has attended quite a lot of events related to women empowerment and thereby, felt to join SHEconnects to give hope and lead them by inspiring them.

SHEconnects is a women club that has a clear vision of women empowerment and connects to women with goals to build a new world. SHEconnects breaks all the boundaries within which women has been stagnating so far. Women support women and lift each other through numerous mediums. The forum works through women networking parameters as the reach is comparatively quite high.

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