Sudershan Juneja

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About Sudershan Juneja - SHEconnects

SUDERSHAN JUNEJA’s passion for becoming a writer indulged her in researching the technique of healing with switch words & Divine codes under the guidance of Master Archanna Bhadoria and writing a book on it.

Before that, she has qualified in B.Ed. and has a very interactive personality. Her son and her friends have been very supportive and worked as a team in every problem faced by them. A caring, hard-working sincere person who loves her family and friends. She believes in giving respect and space to others and expect the same.

Sudershan gives free training in beauty culture, mehendi and cooking to needy girls. Her inclination towards connecting to the women who are left behind due to responsibilities and financial crisis made her join SHEconnects.

She believes in teamwork and loves to spend time with positive people. Besides that, she works along with maintaining a balance with family and leads her life with a positive aspect.

While you join the SHEconnects women club in Delhi, you get the power to connect to the women with goals. Women support women is the tagline that SHEconnects follows. Supporting women empowerment through a variety of mediums like events, workshops, etc. you get to share your vision towards your life. Also, with the help of women networking, you get to build countless links and contacts for further opportunities.

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