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On the face of it, weight loss is a simple equation of deducting calories you burn from the number of calories you intake. Dieticians and nutritionists help us lose weight in a regulated, holistic manner without disturbing any nutritional balance. And if anyone is looking for special needs, like weight-loss for a child or nutrition management for a sporting event, a dietician or a nutritionist can be a great help.

Self discipline is the key motivating factor in any weight loss, feels Ms. SONIA SARDA, a dietician, nutritionist & wellness expert. She believes that a dietician can help in getting your body tuned by providing the right tools and guidance, but in the long term, it is up to us to follow the good advice diligently.

A commerce graduate, Sonia has quite a few aces on her sleeves. She has been an Honorary Advisor of Sports Academy Association of India, a State Coordinator for Anti-Corruption Foundation of India, the State Coordinator of Assam for The Pink Ribbon (Breast Cancer awareness), and member of RSSDI and JCI.

Winning laurels have been a regular practice for her. Winner of Global Brilliance Award by Anti-Corruption Foundation India, recipient of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Award, Outstanding JC Lady Star award by JCI, Guwahati are some of the awards she is proud of.

Participating in numerous pageants, Sonia has won accolades in plenty. Some of them are – Mrs. Tourism Queen International 2018- Best Personality, Mrs India 2018, Mrs. India - Assam 2018, Mrs India - Delhi NCR:1st Runners up 2018, Mrs. India Tourism Queen 2018.

Being born into a family of hardworking individuals, she believes that her values of integrity, responsibility and gratitude are in her genes. Passionate about classical dance and apart from being an avid traveler, Sonia is also a social activist, a writer, and a motivational speaker.

Sonia has joined SHEconnects to share her skills with like-minded women. She thinks that SHEconnects gives the best mileage to successful women entrepreneurs of India.

SHEconnects provides the best networking platform for top women entrepreneurs to share their experiences on leadership skills.

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