Simran Kaur Bhatia

Brand Mehar Store Owner
Member - SHEconnects

About Simran Kaur Bhatia - SHEconnects

SHEconnects is a platform where women support women who have lost vision to overpower their dreams or lack in terms of knowledge to make it possible. Here is one of the members of the women club who hasn't left any field to conquer upon. She is a living example of women being a multi-tasker and multi-talented. You'll be surprised to know that at the age of 22, SIMRAN KAUR BHATIA, a resident of West Delhi has achieved a lot.

Besides her graduation in textile designing from Delhi University, Simran is pursuing B.Ed currently. Moreover, she owns a clothing boutique that she has been handling for past 1.4 years. Furthermore, Simran also deals in bags and purses through an online portal which has been her income source for 4 years. Despite her weakness to focus on one thing at a time, she is very dedicated about her goals of becoming an independent woman.

In 2015, Simran started an online site which had a brand name 'Mehar Store', where she offered several options of bags for both of the genders. Later in 2018, it expanded to a clothing line. It was then when she turned the online site to a physical setup of a selling point. Initially, she suffered a lot and faced lots of ups and downs. She gives the whole credit to her family as they have been supporting her from the beginning. She has a dream of reaching to a point of independence, where people would come to her for taking advice.

She is really thankful for platforms like social media who helps to reach out to infinite people at once. Women with goals like Simran help other women to get inspired and achieve their dreams and that's what SHEconnects was initiated for.

SHEconnects promotes women empowerment and helps in women networking reaching out to several women at once through their events.

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