Pooja Malhotra

Travel Specialist, Founder - Divas Sojourn
Member - SHEconnects

About Pooja Malhotra - SHEconnects

POOJA MALHOTRA's passion of travelling took her to the extent of starting up DIVAS SOJOURN, a travel agency, which keenly provides luxurious trips and adventurous camps to women and children of various age groups. She is a teacher by profession since 15 years. Being a mother and a teacher at the same time, she knows how it feels to handle all the stress with children and family. With a family background of her father working in Air India, whereas mother working in BSF, gifted Pooja the passion of travelling. She took an initiative to give a hope to countless women out there in terms of social and networking options. Despite of being married and having two loving kids you'll find her always travelling from one country to another, whereas hoping in every street to various cities.

She is a graduate in B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering. She is a super emotional person by nature who has come a long way. With her strong willpower and compassionate nature, she is willing to become no.1 travel company by 2022. The times when she's not travelling, you'll find her learning new skills, cooking, tarot learning, organizing fun events, get- together parties and what not. She always manages to make everyone happy by her chirpy smile and her fun- loving personality. You'll find her always helping and looking after every other person or animal, especially dogs.

Pooja also focuses on women empowerment and so she joined SHEconnects which is basically a women club, or you can call women networking hub supporting women with goals.

Women Support Women is one great thing that SHEconnects follow to help all the women who are in need of a platform whereas provides a clear vision to them.


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