Namrata Bhatnagar

Lawyer in Delhi High Court & Supreme Court of India
Member - SHEconnects

About Namrata Bhatnagar - SHEconnects

NAMRATA BHATNAGAR - a practicing lawyer at Delhi High Court; Supreme Court of India with an urge to serve the society utilizing every effort and skill set of hers. Namrata is a graduate with a degree of L.L.B. Her passion for that domain reflects her workaholic and tolerant nature.

She is also a Partner with EXZ Legal (Advocates & Legal Consultants) that is building quite valuable contributions in many fields - Real Estate Laws, Family Laws, Corporate Governance, Corporate Restructuring, Infrastructure & Engineering Projects, Cyber Crime, Civil Laws, White Collar Crime, ADR, Insurance Laws, Cheque Bounce Laws, Employment Laws, Consumer Protection Rights etc.

Speaking of her firm, they are trusted advisors of several clients in the above-mentioned areas in both India & abroad. After serving numerous clients, her dream is to take the benefit to more and more people across the globe and to make a difference.

Her attempt of spreading awareness of equal rights for females in the society is seen through her work. Her recent piece of legal research work has already made its way to a top legal journal that was all about Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace & an initiative by the International Council of Jurists, London.

International Conferences and representing India on different aspects of Law is on her list too.

Namrata has countless qualities but what outshines her personality is pure dedication, enthusiastic way of leading towards her goals with instincts to grab all the risks and positively adapting to every circumstance.

Undoubtedly, Namrata knows how to make a balance between her work and social activity towards society. She is an active and senior volunteer of an NGO working on various projects like Girl Education, Women Empowerment and other Environmental Projects.

She joined the social club, SHEconnects ultimately, through these projects and pledged to connect to all the women with goals through this platform. The ladies social club works through women networking offering equal rights to every female. SHEconnects is an initiative taken to spread women empowerment and make the male-dominant world ours equally.

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