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Moumita Kohli is an international speaker, a happiness coach and a spiritual healer. She has been a professional English language and soft-skills trainer for the last 15 years and worked with the stalwarts of the industry thereby training thousands of executives and basically expatriates. Her main areas of teaching are English language, diction, conversational skills, handling business presentations and client interactions, posture, body language, voice modulation etc.

She is an internationally certified speaker and has spoken on several national and international platforms thereby positively influencing people. This is very close to her heart as she can reach out to maximum by reiterating her message to them.

She is also a spiritual lightworker with the Divine life purpose of healing people through energy and intuitive healing, Access Consciousness, Akashic intelligence, Reiki, Angel therapy, Crystal healing, Switchwords and various other healing modalities combined together. She is a NLP practitioner and trainer.

Moumita is the Founder Director of Miracles. At Miracles, they do intuitive and Tarot readings, energy healings, Spiritual life coaching and they teach close to about 100 modalities through various workshops and online mediums. Their forte is to change people's lives through various potent NLP techniques. They have conducted workshops PAN India and also internationally.

She is into predictive readings through Tarot, Oracle and Zen cards, Pendulum dowsing and above all using her intuition that she is blessed with. She is a Meditation and a Spiritual life Coach and a Law of attraction facilitator.

She is a trained and certified NLP coach specializing in behavior, relationships, money and wellness. She has several accolades and testimonials of transforming people's lives through various modalities and effective NLP techniques.

She is a medium and an Autowriter and find it fascinating to connect to the beings from the Higher realms.

Professional Background

Moumita takes great pride and pleasure in conducting workshops for people who are keen to learn various modalities and deep dive into the ocean of learning and spirituality.



  1. Intuitive and Tarot Cards Reading
    Intuitive reading is done when the reader connects to the energies of the querent and reads his past, present, future through intuition. As a gifted intuitive, she identifies the energy or karmic blockages, the past-life blockages or the self-created blocks and help the querent to release these blocks thereby embarking on a journey of spiritual and emotional freedom. An intuitive reading may last for about 30 minutes to 1 hour or even more. She also uses her Tarot, Oracle, Angel and Zen cards during the sessions to provide more clarity to the querent. Solutions and remedies are also suggested.
  2. Angel therapy
    Angels are Divine beings of light and hence Angel therapy is one of her most favorite ones. Through Angel therapy, she provides right guidance coming from the Angels and Spirit guides through Angel cards, Angel connection, Angel divination, Autowriting and dowsing too. If need be, healing for particular issues are done through and with the help of Angels..
  3. Energy Healing (combination of various healing modalities)
    Healing is her passion and her life purpose. The Creator has been kind and gracious enough to choose her as one of the lightworkers with the divine purpose of healing lives. She has mastered close to about 300 healing modalities and she combines the best ones to heal physical, emotional, financial, spiritual blockages and situations. It is something to experience for sure.
  4. Autowriting
    Automatic writing is a divine tool to connect to the beings from the other realms, to the loved ones who have passed over, to your Angels and spirit guides, to other beings if light. It's an astonishing experience.
  5. Mindfulness and Meditations
    She is a certified Mindfulness and Meditation coach with several years of experience holding workshops and retreats to the Mindfulness lovers. She aspires to make Meditation simplified and a part of every life as it is the best grounding source of clarity and enlightenment.
  6. Happiness coaching
    She is an internationally certified life coach and her specialization is helping others fight challenges in their relationships, career, finances and mental and physical health thereby finding happiness back into their lives. She helps people who have gone through a lot, bounce back to life with joy and happiness. She has fought depression herself and the tools she uses has helped her to get back to life with ease, joy, glory and loads of happiness. She essentially uses NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) for the same.
  7. Law of attraction and manifestation
    She is an ardent believer of law of attraction herself and she applies it to each and every aspect of life. She is a certified LOA facilitator and has conducted several workshops on teaching the same. Embrace the Law of Attraction and transform your lives.
  8. Switchwords
    Switchwords are the WORDS which can quickly switch your energy from one dimension to the other which fortifies that every word has vibrations and the power to change your energy. Switch phrases are used as remedies to bring about desired changes in life. It's a very powerful modality and she strongly uses it for suggesting remedies.
  9. Pendulum dowsing
    Pendulum dowsing is a divine tool basically used for direct YES/NO questions only. They are a powerful source to show right path to the querent and with immense clarity.

Moumita Kohli's motto is to help people believe in their innate powers and create the best version of themselves.

Miracles happen to those who believe in them - with this belief she joined the women club - SHEconnects for women empowerment and to build women networking.

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