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NLP Practitioner Life Coach 
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About Jasbirr Grover - SHEconnects

Passion, ambition, and dreams lead JASBIRR GROVER pursue her career in MBA. After completing her studies she wanted to do something big in her life. Her goal was to help others to live life with a purpose.

Jasbirr started her career as a Motivational Speaker Mentor and Life Coach. From her teenage days she dreamed of creating a GLAD society for the youth. She wanted to guide them to live fearlessly, successfully, and abundantly. Jasbirr’s dreams pushed her to establish Coachinggeenie to elevate and empower the youth from all around the globe. Her Coachinggeenie foundation helps the teens to turn their dreams into reality.

From starting her professional journey as a Training and Placement Head for reputed universities and colleges, working with Korean Embassy’s Culture Center to founding Coachinggeenie Jasbirr has come a long way.

She has added several feathers in her crown, A NLP Practitioner Life Coach, Law of Attraction League Workshop Leader, and a Study Overseas- Mentor. Before taking full control of her life, Jasbirr served several renowned organizations like IEC College of Engineering and Technology, Northcap University, GTBIT Delhi, and much more. Her success and achievements were recognized by Best Guru Award from GISR Foundation.

Apart from her professional life Jasbirr is a very devoted wife of her lover turned husband and loving mother of two handsome sons. Jasbirr’s main source of power is her Great Guru Sahib and Divine Brothers Ajit Veera and Hanuman ji. She gathered strength to face every struggle in her life from her loving husband and sons. Her vision is to of transform 1million lives in next 5 years across the globe.

Jasbirr believes in authenticity and holds a firm dislike for diplomacy. In her free time, she loves to write, doodle, and speak with her family. She is passionate about empowering women and the youth of the society.

Jasbirr’s passions to help others, network with like-minded people, and share her knowledge lead her to join our social ladies club, SHEconnects. Here she shares her struggle story and insights of life along with the other successful business woman of India.

SHEconnects is the best networking platform for top women entrepreneurs from different parts of life to empower each other.

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