Geetika Makkar

Sales and Marketing Professional
Member - SHEconnects

About Geetika Makkar - SHEconnects

GEETIKA MAKKAR, who is driven by her Confidence in her professional & personal growth. After pursuing her Management Postgraduate, she worked as a Sales and Marketing professional. She has a qualification of 12+ years of working experience in Media Cos and Healthcare Cos. New Business Development, sales presentations and customer relationship are the key skills in which she is excelled at. She loves to interact with people & she has delivered soft skills training. Communicating with people being her favorite thing, she would like to explore new horizons like anchoring, hosting live shows, sales training. She is passionate about learning new things and is always confident to take up the challenges through hard work and determination. Services to offer - Ways to acquire customers, new business development, marketing tips, soft skills training.

SHEconnects promotes women empowerment and helps in women networking reaching out to several women at once through their events.

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