Geeta Sharma

Reiki Healer, Founder of Faith Healers
Member - SHEconnects

About Geeta Sharma - SHEconnects

GEETA SHARMA heals your sorrows and wounds by touching them with compassion. From being a Reiki Healer to an Astro - Numero – Kundali Vaastu expert to a Tarot card Reader and also a Past life therapist whereas a meditation coach too. Basically, she uses a combination of ancient healing techniques for tackling health and psychological issues and memory problems. She has graduated from DU and adding on to that she took a training of a spiritual healer and a future teller.

Her psycho-spiritual intuitive power is her strength. The moment she discovered Reiki as a life-changing experience, she decided to take it up to a professional level in 2002. Eventually, with an aim of spreading awareness about healing power of reiki energies, she came up with the idea of opening her own healing center that is FAITH HEALERS.

In that healing center of hers, she provides services like Reiki Healing, Pranic healing, Crystal healing, tibetan singing bowls and Chakra cleansing and balancing. Adding on with Numerology, Astrology and Vaastu consultation are some of them. Tarot card reading is another speciality of the center. Furthermore, there are group meditation sessions customized for students, corporate and women weekend Reiki learning workshops and personal Reiki training classes also. Besides this, Past Life Therapy is another service provided by Geeta Sharma.

In order to connect to the entire world especially to women, she joined SHEconnects, which is a platform for women with goals to help you reach to a bigger audience out there. SHEconnects promotes women empowerment where women support women as it is a women networking platform where women rules in the new upcoming world. It is a women club formed with the idea to promote every women.

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