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The postpartum period is given due importance in India. This time is meant for the mother to recuperate after childbirth and for the mother-newborn bonding. It is the time where they also establish breastfeeding. The mother is supposed to rest, rejuvenate and replenish. Antenatal care and lactation become an integral part of the mother’s care post childbirth.

Dr. RASHMI BAWA is a reputed name in antenatal care and lactation. A senior consultant therapist, she is the founder director of Wellmom Antenatal and Parenting Sessions apart from being associated with Srijan Childbirth Program at MKW Hospital.

A therapist by education, Dr. Bawa has an international certification in Lactation from University of Stanford and a Certification in Childbirth Preparation from Emory University, Atlanta. For the past two decades, Dr.Bawa has been working relentlessly in the field of pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and early baby care.

Apart from being a therapist, Dr. Bawa is also a parenting coach, a motivational speaker who specialises in age appropriate physical and psychological development in children. Co-heading Arshicare, a holistic centre for occupational therapy, speech therapy and special education, she always tries to motivate other women entrepreneurs.

Reading being her favourite hobby, Dr. Bawa is fond of travelling to new destinations. Being a straightforward woman, she always feels at ease to share her views without any hesitation, though at times diplomacy would have given her an edge with her patients.

Academic and public relations have always been Dr. Bawa’s forte. She connects with people quite easily through her diligent work. Working tirelessly is her passion, taking Wellmom to greater heights is her dream.

A member of Rotary International. Dr. Bawa has been associated with numerous NGOs working tirelessly for upliftment of women and special children.

Dr. Bawa has joined our social ladies club, SHEconnects to share her experience as a motivational woman with like-minded women. She thinks that SHEconnects gives the best platform to connect with successful Indian women entrepreneurs.

SHEconnects provides the best networking platform for top women entrepreneurs to share their experiences on leadership skills.

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