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ARPITA MITRA, a coordinator at a reputed school in Delhi by profession and a heart to find the meaning of life through her arts and paintings. She stayed predominantly focused through school, graduated from Punjab University, Chandigarh, and completed her Post Graduation in Economics. She is also Sangeet Prabhakar in Indian Classical Music. And she works in the education industry for almost 22 years.

Although her career in education was fulfilling, her heart was always on painting. She has created a Online Platform Art Mania where anyone can enroll for Online Painting Classes and learn art and craft from her.

And her passion for painting made her travel to many cities and various facets of life. And she made art a fruitful career for her.

She specializes in pour painting with acrylic on canvas. She is a self-taught artist part legacy from her parents, who are incredibly talented artists. Her mother is an excellent hand creator, and her father is a Senior Architect. Because of her artistic background, she got an early exposure to the creative world. And her hard work and dedication transformed her paintings into real art.

She is married to a Delhi based businessman, and she can pursue her passion with the support and encouragement of her family.

Arpita's painting speaks from her heart due to her edginess and ever-changing style. From time to time, she has exhibited her works in Delhi and other parts of India and won several awards for her paintings.

Padmashree Biman Bihari Das highly appreciated her paintings, Eminent Artist Vijender Sharma, Renowned Photographer Neeraj Gera, Artist-Photographer Neeraj Sharma, Sculptor Kapil Kapoor and others.

She also believes in empowering women and children and conducts workshops for children and ladies in Delhi. Over the years, she has created several artworks on various subjects.

In our social club for ladies - SHEconnects, strong personalities like Arpita Mitra has joined to network with other women and met other strong women with goals. Our social ladies club works as a networking platform to meet the system and empower women and offer equal rights to every woman.

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