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For ANJU GARG, it is a commitment to bestow the best possible learning to every student beyond the call of her duty. For her, it’s a promise, not a vanity. Over the years, Anju has tried to understand and provide useful information to the parents of students, go that extra mile, ensure follow-up. To the best of her ability, she has been approachable, attentive, patient, prompt, efficient and responsive.

Her aim is to help students reach their academic goals along with building and boosting confidence in her wards. With her vast experience and proper guidance, she has successfully guided her students in attaining their goals. She is committed to all her students as she feels that they deserve to be nurtured with care to attain what they are aiming for.

With a Bachelor of Commerce degree in her kitty, Anju has always strived to deliver the best. With the kind of experience she has, she always desires to see her wards succeed in every field they want to excel in.

Extremely emotional, Anju is caring in nature, always trying to give her best to the students. She feels that with passion and dedication, anyone can earn a good reputation in her/his profession. Her passion being teaching and reading books, Anju tries to share her knowledge with her students to the best extent possible.

Anju enjoys her profession thoroughly. The best part of her teaching is all her students are always comfortable with her method of teaching and they never hesitate to ask her questions. And she responds quickly with her solutions. The guardians also feel comfortable and trust her approach of teaching. Anju’s aim for a student is to gradually improve the scores gradually without building any pressure on their abilities.

Anju’s hobbies include reading, learning new things, cooking, meditation and dancing.

Anju has joined our social ladies club, SHEconnects to share her passion to share her tuition skills and her experiences with like-minded women. She thinks that SHEconnects gives the best mileage to successful women entrepreneurs of India.

SHEconnects provides the best networking platform for top women entrepreneurs to share their experiences on leadership skills.

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