Anjana Soni

Abacus Teacher
Member - SHEconnects

About Anjana Soni - SHEconnects

Immense love for teaching and sharing knowledge with people lead ANJANA SONI to the path of becoming a teacher. To eradicate the problem of illiteracy, Anjana is doing her part by taking one step at a moment. She is an Abacus teacher at World Abacus Academy and has approximately 7 years plus experience in Teaching Field. She completed her graduation in 1996 from Patna University.

Keenly interested in travelling, she inclines to visit every place in the world with her family. Despite trusting people easily, Anjana feels that her hard work would help her to become a successful woman one day.

Anjana is a dedicated woman who pays her bills and tries to utilize every opportunity of connecting to every woman and make them realize what they are losing. All she wanted was a platform to speak, share and inspire until now. And that's what SHEconnects offers to women like Anjana.

With traits like being interactive and having a friendly nature, Anjana loves to get in touch with new people with different backgrounds and cultures. Her interest in exploring new places and people, especially women, made Anjana join SHEconnects and help women with goals. Women support women in this women club while exchanging opinions regarding the problems faced by every woman.

The platform offers a vast exposure as the women networking is on a huge scale i.e not only nationally but also internationally. Exposure through book launches, talk shows whereas monthly events like seminars, workshops, humanitarian projects and whatnot that the forum comes up with. SHEconnects guides women according to numerous parameters and supports women empowerment in a wide manner.

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