Suman Goel Evoking Positive Energy to Bring Happiness to Others

By Anju Handa Published: 12 Jul, 2019

Suman Goel is a Life Coach, Vastu Expert, and Astrologer. She is the spirit behind the Astro Vastuu Kendra (AVK) at New Delhi, which she runs along with her daughter, Devika. She left her successfully running beauty salon to focus on her passion for the astrological sciences and has made her name in the fields of Vastu, Tarot Card Reading, Numerology and Astrology.

Suman Goel is a loving mother, caring daughter and dedicated and hard-working business woman. Inspite of life filled with struggles, she inspires with her charisma and enthusiasm. She believes in the mantra of ‘Let Go’, to let go of the past, learn to forgive and move on.

Suman Goel pursued Masters in Sociology in 1980’s and got married at an early age due to family pressure. After having an inimical relationship with her husband for 7 years, she separated from him and took on the challenge of being a single mother for two kids.

Suman took up a diploma course in Beauty and Makeup from Shahnaz Hussain Academy and within a year, she started her own salon. She excelled in this profession and achieved a good level of success. Yet, somewhere in her, she felt something missing along with the burning zeal to do something for society.

Since childhood, Suman was influenced by astrological practices and in the year 2005, her influence towards occult science exalted. She started learning Vastu science from various famous books. Later, in order to update herself, she took part in Vastu related seminars. From 2007 to 2012, she undertook professional courses in Astrology, Vastu and healing science from renowned & government recognized schools like Acharyavisharad and Pyra Vaastu from Jiten Bhatt.

In 2010, Suman fulfilled a long-standing dream of helping others through her knowledge by establishing Astro Vastuu Kendra (AVK) at New Delhi. At AVK, she offered consultancy in Tarot Reading, Astrology, Numerology and psychic techniques.

In 2012, Suman found that her daughter, Devika Goel, at her young age of 22, had innate intuitive and psychic abilities. So, she inspired her daughter to pursue the same field. Thereafter, Devika Goel, a postgraduate in commerce, joined her mother at AVK.

Now, AVK under the leadership of Suman Goel and Devika Goel is a true symbol of channeling everyone’s life in a positive manner. They render services in Astrology (Vedic, Lal Kitab), Vastu (Pyra, Vedic, and Feng-Shui), Numerology and Tarot Card Reading. They neutralize geopathic stress, negative energies, and defects by using various tools like Aura Balancing, Pyramids (copper, steel, and plastic), Crystals, Yantra, Colour Therapy and focus on remedies that do not require demolition to enhance the quality of the enquirer’s life.

AVK has grown at a remarkable level and now it has offices in multiple locations across Delhi and has consulted for people in India and abroad as overseas as well.

Anju Handa

Mrs. Anju Handa is also the CEO and Director of Greens, a pre-school consultancy, and event management company, established in 1999. She is compiling a book on the inspirational success stories of all SHEconnects. She already wrote a book on Inspiring Entrepreneurs – “Journey from can I to I can” with 1st & 2nd edition. Her 3rd edition is coming up at global literary fest which narrates the inspiring stories of SHEconnects members. Her focus is to spread joy and love among them, which gives her tremendous satisfaction and happiness.