Shalini Gugnani Aiming to be Different and Excelling

By Anju Handa Published: 12 Jul, 2019

Shalini Gugnani always dreamed of being a doctor and serving mankind. She deeply yearned to be independent but due to unavoidable circumstances, could not be one. Yet, the word ‘Doctor’ was deeply imprinted in her mind.

She got married into a joint family in 1997. Her life was no different from other housewives across the country with the daily task of taking care of household chores. The aspiration to achieve something in her life and to run a business house vehemently increased day by day. Shalini’s father was in the construction business. Since childhood, she had imbibed knowledge from the designing and constructing discussions at home.

In 2001, Shalini’s family gave her the responsibility of constructing their new house and factory. Being inclined towards Vastu, she started looking for professionals who could help her to make her house as per Vastu. She truly believed that a house built with Vastu requirements would make it a happy, healthy and harmonious. She met a number of Vastu experts but got non-concurring opinions. That is when she started getting deeper into the subject and struggled to fulfill the requirements of the family members.

After many hurdles, in 2003, she got her formal education from the Disha Institute of Vastu, New Delhi, which was run by Mr. D. K. Narang.

In 2005, Shalini founded Holistic Hands, wherein she offered Vastu Consultancy independently. She also offered solutions to industries, reputed schools, business houses, hospitals, builders, architects, export houses and residential properties.

In 2009, she got an opportunity to pursue M.Phil and subsequently Ph.D. from the Zoroastrian College under the guidance of Prof. Dr.B. B.Puri and Dr. R.M.Mehra in the subject of Vastu. Finally, Shalini’s dream of becoming a Doctor was a reality. It has been over a decade since Shalini began conducting scientific Vastu courses at Disha Institute of Vastu.

Many of Shalini’s articles have been published inleading newspapers and magazines. She has even conducted a show on Zee Business about Geopathic Stress that was a hit. She has also received various awards like Award of Excellence, Shakti Award, Achiever’s Award among others and has been honoured at various platforms.

In 2012, she has invested in another business venture of running an import business of various home décor products like wallpapers and electric fireplaces.

Today, there is no looking back for Gugnani. She has managed to explore all possibilities and opportunities coming her way. She has gained confidence and conquered her stage fear. Knowledge and experience have helped her to reach overseas clients as well.

Anju Handa

Mrs. Anju Handa is also the CEO and Director of Greens, a pre-school consultancy, and event management company, established in 1999. She is compiling a book on the inspirational success stories of all SHEconnects. She already wrote a book on Inspiring Entrepreneurs – “Journey from can I to I can” with 1st & 2nd edition. Her 3rd edition is coming up at global literary fest which narrates the inspiring stories of SHEconnects members. Her focus is to spread joy and love among them, which gives her tremendous satisfaction and happiness.