Rupali Bose Powering The Mind And Changing Lives Through Positive Thoughts

By Anju Handa Published: 12 Jul, 2019

Rupali Bose is one of the rare people who decided to leave the cushy corporate world to follow her dreams. Using her ability to talk to people and arming herself with a degree in psychology, she has initiated a program where she talks to nearly 250 children from slum areas on the power of positive thinking. A firm believer in following one’s heart and passions, she also holds counselling sessions with people from all walks of life. She is a true do-er.

Rupali Bose’s journey really began after she finally decided to hang her corporate boots and knew there was no turning back. She was clear and determined that nothing will stop her now from moving on and following her inner voice. The realization was deep and was very much strong with her inner voice pushing her towards her goal.

To Rupali, it all seems like yesterday when she had finished her schooling and wanted to pursue psychology in college. In fact, she was elated as she had secured admission in the most prestigious college of Delhi University. But alas, it was not meant to be as her family was apprehensive and opposed her decision on studying Psychology. Getting no support from her family, Rupali decided to enroll in English Honors and she gained admission in one of the prestigious colleges of Delhi University. After her college, Rupali tried her luck with varied career areas like Systems Management, Advertising, Garment Retail and Garment Exports, but she was not satisfied.

However, she was happily married, blessed with 2 kids and was working with India’s topmost organization – Infosys.

Later on, she enrolled herself for ICF Life Coaching, following it up with NLP, and is now an International Certified EQ Fellow and Assessor. Today, Rupali is finally, pursuing a master’s degree in her favourite subject, Psychology.

There is no smooth road to success in life. Rupali was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis. Both ailments are auto-immune diseases in which the body functions against one’s own body. To her credit, she did not allow these ailments to stop her or push her back. She accepted this challenge head-on and today her Neurologist calls her his Mascot.

She has now made it her mission in life and has initiated a program, POWER OF INNER STRENGTH, with 250 children who reside in slum areas. She has also discovered joy in writing and is an active blogger who starts her day by writing positive quotes.

Rupali has been working as a Healer and a Coach and has successfully helped people battling with phobias, fears or are looking for a purpose in life and so on. She has helped more than 150 people so far. It has taken Rupali more than two decades to finally MEET HERSELF.

Anju Handa

Mrs. Anju Handa is also the CEO and Director of Greens, a pre-school consultancy, and event management company, established in 1999. She is compiling a book on the inspirational success stories of all SHEconnects. She already wrote a book on Inspiring Entrepreneurs – “Journey from can I to I can” with 1st & 2nd edition. Her 3rd edition is coming up at global literary fest which narrates the inspiring stories of SHEconnects members. Her focus is to spread joy and love among them, which gives her tremendous satisfaction and happiness.