Acharya Dr. Jeetu Singh: Life Designer

By Anju Handa Published: 13 Jul, 2020

Know Your Past, Fathom Your Present and Design Your Future with LIFE DESIGNER. Proud to be a Progressive Woman in India. Acharya Dr. JEETU SINGH, Life Designer, with a bag full of antidotes.

‘’Often when people come up to me with a bucket full of problems; complaining that “LIFE IS HARD” I ask them in comparison “TO WHAT”? ‘’, she says.

It is your thoughts that define you and your karma that leads you. It is true that the clock ticks every second, but hers ticked twelve years back, when she decided to enter and deeply understand the field of Astrology. When people say that Change is the only constant, it might seem the most appropriate in her case.

Back in those days when she used to work as the programming head of an Astrology based show in a reputed News Channel of India, what intrigued her the most, was that how deeply the planets effect and control an individual’s life. She could slowly feel her increasing curiosity towards this field and her will to study and gain adequate knowledge of Astrology in order to be able to shape someone’s future with her positivity, truth and selflessness.

The right moments don’t arise, it always needs to be created. If your chance comes, even when you don’t feel steady, you should know this is the right moment to face the reality. And this is exactly what she did. With her blooming interest in Astrology, she decided to indulge herself in the intense process of elaborate and precise Education.

  • She enrolled herself in THE BHARTIYA VIDYA BHAWAN, NEW DELHI to graduate in courses such as ALANKAAR and ACHARAYA.
  • Then she further pursued her studies from THE VEDIC JYOTISH SANSTHANAM, VARANASI to complete her education and receive valued degrees in VISHARAD and DEVEGYASHRI. After her successful completion of these degrees she specialized herself in the research and working of the Tenth House of the Horoscope; (house related to what profession would be most beneficial and highly income generating) regarding her PhD in Astrology.

  • She says, “From working in Media at various designations, to choosing a whole new path of Astrology was not easy. But the road that led me was “MY STRENGHT”.

    Undoubtedly, it would have been difficult to gain immense knowledge regarding the prestigious field of Astrology but not impossible. It is rightly said that hard work always bears a sweet fruit. People close to her had always seen her as a media person, working at different designations. Sometimes as a Director, a Producer, an Artist, or as a Programming Head which altogether made it more difficult for people to accept her in this newest phase of my life.

    But that very moment she knew, she had to face the biggest test to prove herself, solely on the basis of her knowledge and her positivity. But she didn’t give up, because when knowledge, strength and ambition come together a person is unstoppable. And in the end, Victory only knocks the doors of the courageous. With her immense dedication and hard work Dr. Jeetu Singh is touching new heights and is further progressing as a well known and appreciated astrologer today.

    The recognition of an individual’s work is received best in the form of appreciation. Hence, being awarded several times for her authentic and precise skills in astrology has only motivated her to work harder and always offer her best to those who show faith in her and her work.

    Currently, Life Designer Dr. Jeetu Singh is working with the top notches of the Corporate Sector, Politicians, Leading Business Men, and renowned faces from the Television industry.

    Dr. Jeetu Singh is also spreading her knowledge through writing for various E Magazines, Weekly and Monthly magazines and so on. There is no doubt that she has been able to spread her wings of Astrology in every sector in today’s world and has left her mark.

    Acharya Dr. Jeetu Singh is not only a renowned face in India but also has a massive clientage across the globe. She has been successful in inspiring the youth of our country through her dedicated work and positive attitude, which anyone can rely on. She has been able to widen her approach through being a YouTube sensation, apart from being a famous face for many News Channels. She has recently been featured in THE DIVINE HINDU CALENDER and has been immensely appreciated for her work and is currently working on many other projects.

    It is said, that your experience and your success will always be defined by your Journey. And today she proudly says that, “My journey was definitely a thrilling one”. ” From being someone who was always working behind the camera, to be emerging and coming across people as a renowned personality has been an over whelming experience”. And this was the path that made an Ordinary woman with an extraordinary will power, Jeetu Singh, the famous LIFE DESIGNER, ACHARAYA Dr. JEETU SINGH.

    Anju Handa

    Mrs. Anju Handa is also the CEO and Director of Greens, a pre-school consultancy, and event management company, established in 1999. She is compiling a book on the inspirational success stories of all SHEconnects. She already wrote a book on Inspiring Entrepreneurs – “Journey from can I to I can” with 1st & 2nd edition. Her 3rd edition is coming up at global literary fest which narrates the inspiring stories of SHEconnects members. Her focus is to spread joy and love among them, which gives her tremendous satisfaction and happiness.