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What SHEconnects offers you the moment you enter this women club are numerous advantages, including women development programmes .

Our women networking platform is so vast in itself, that you will get the right amount of exposure when you share the forum with women from distinct backgrounds, experiences, and mindsets. Women in busines networking will learn how to cope up with your journey and at the same time sharing how to go on with your journey.

Here, you will see women inspiring women due to the participation of women across the globe.

SHEconnects women development programmes connects all the top women entrepreneurs in India and provides a platform to share their journey, to learn from each other and build a strong connection of successful women entrepreneurs in India.

These events help out to bring the problems faced by women and issues confronted professionally in the limelight and answer them all. We guide about entrepreneurship, being independent, and how to outreach your desired goal as a woman entrepreneur in India in your chosen profession.

Moreover, we provide visibility to the ones who have skills but don’t have complete knowledge about how to push the accelerator button of their career lives.

Mrs Anju Handa believes that every woman is born with some talent which remains hidden unless identified and explored. To bring out that hidden potential, opportunities and motivations are the key factors which SHEconnects provide to every member who joins this platform for women development in India.

Join SHEconnects to be a women entrepreneur

  • Your pledge certificate is created and posted on our Facebook page, specially curated for you with your detailed profile.
  • You are added to our WhatsApp group of enthusiastic members to network and showcase your products/enterprise.
  • You are added to our Facebook group to promote your product/enterprise.


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Joining SHEconnects will provide you with multitude of activities from time to time and help you to polish your persona and move ahead towards your journey of success.
SHEconnects is developing a strong bond of trust between SHES and connecting them to learn from each other.