Social Ladies Club in Delhi - SHEconnects

Educate a woman, empower a woman!

SHEconnects is the best women club in Delhi that empowers the women community and inspires women in every aspect. We reach out to endless women working in different fields and appreciating the commendable work they have done so far.

It is a women networking platform where women can exchange their stories and inspire the ones who need to acknowledge.

The idea of building this social ladies club in Delhi was for women helping other women, no matter what the circumstances or consequences are. Supporting the voice of every woman and making everyone aware of women’s worth is the main crux.

Anju Handa Founder of SHEconnects, The Best Ladies Club in Delhi

Continuously achieving one goal after another, the person behind this social club in Delhi is Mrs ANJU HANDA, who founded SHEconnects on September 8th, 2018. The main headquarter of SHEconnects is located in Delhi, India.

Her love for teaching and an urge of indulging in entrepreneurship gave birth to a Preschool consultancy named GREENS, which was established in 1999. She is the CEO and the Director of the consultancy. Graduated in B.Sc and mastered in English from a well- known college in Punjab, Mrs Handa has been working hard since the start.

Thereby, Mrs Handa knows all the struggle and henceforth, came up with a platform like SHEconnects, where women would rule the world. SHEconnects was created to guide, motivate and empower women struggling at every step to connect to their dream of being independent.

What SHEconnects does?

SHEconnects is a social ladies club in Delhi that helps you to learn public speaking, morale building, sharing opinions and connecting to endless women through multiple mediums like their monthly events, humanitarian projects following with seminars and workshops. Talk shows and book launches are another media to groom yourself.

Benefits of SHEconnects

Being a part of SHEconnects means being a part of the best Ladies club in Delhi. You happen to share the platform with countless robust, independent and a brilliant lot of women entrepreneurs from all around the globe. The platform supports and encourages women to accept themselves and to believe in their dreams. The growth level is very high, if fully utilized.

Mostly, knowledge barriers hinder women as they are unable to find a direction of how to start and from where? SHEconnects is a good stop for women with goals that recognizes every minor problem you have been facing, and while you realize, the platform has all the answers.

What we make sure is to offer you several opportunities to express communicate and interact after realizing your hidden potential—ending up in women’s development in a broad manner.

The moment you enrol yourself as a member of the club, you not only pledge to nurture yourself; instead, you also promise to connect to several women who are struggling with their goals.

You will start improvising in every aspect once you join the best ladies club in Delhi as you will discover involvement in ample activities boosting your self- confidence.


Mission - Women Empowerment

Acceptance is the key. Our mission is to encourage every woman to pursue their dream of being independent and stop accepting themselves according to the situations rather than that start building their niche.

Vission - SHEconnects

To Connect women all across the country by joining Delhi ladies club and empower them by giving them a platform to speak, network and boost self-confidence.