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Anju Handa is a self-motivated person with a clear vision to excel with perfection in every assignment she has undertaken. She is the Founder of SHEconnects, which is a Forum of Empowered Women ready to connect with all women to render any help they require to achieve their goals.

  • SHEconnects is an All women club formed with the idea to promote every woman by the Empowered women of Substance and help them achieve their desired goal by providing them all kinds of exposure and guidance required to excel in their respective field of interest.
  • SHEconnects intends to organize various events, seminars,workshops, talk shows, conferences, book launches and other events focusing on problem faced by the women and also to help them in their professional journey.
  • SHEconnects is a Forum of Empowered Women ready to connects with all women to render any help they require to achieve their goals.
  • SHEconnects will provide visibility and connectivity to women enterpreneurs in moving ahead in their chosen profession and will provide them various platform for their smooth and successful journey.
  • SHEconnects has target to connect 10,000 powerful women globally and help each one connect with each other to learn, explore, train and grow.
  • SHEconnects also have plan to empower women who need support financially, emotionally, professionally to take their vision ahead.
  • SHEconnects also would reach out to women who have skills but find it hard to initiate something on their own.
  • SHEconnects is the brainchild of Mrs.Anju Handa who hersef is a Entrepreneur and has won many awards and recognition for her work.
Agenda of SHEconnects
  • Connect women globally Provide platform
  • Sharing and learning
  • Events, seminars, workshops
  • Book launches and talk shows
  • Humanitarian projects
  • Reaching to all women
  • Guidance and exposure
  • Monthly events

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Any woman above 18 yrs can be a member of this club by filling and submitting a form.

Membership is subject to approval .please send a request for the membership form.