SHEconnects: Women Networking is a Touch Away

SHEconnects: Women Networking is a Touch Away

Running the livelihood with much patience and care little did women knew the importance of herself back then. Earlier women had a clear vision of making peace her priority, nonetheless, accepting every wrong deed, did to her.

With a picture of standing for women around them, Mrs. Anju Handa took the matter in her own hands and created a platform ‘SHEconnects’ that leads with a pattern of women networking.

With an objective of women empowerment, SHEconnects – a social ladies club in Delhi is an initiative to teach, rather, observe skills women acquire and are unaware of. The forum works through networking constantly and connects to women who hold a dream of growing in the field of entrepreneurship and the ones who don’t have it, make them dream.

Communication is a mandatory key in everyone’s lives, and that’s what the forum takes care of.

Here are few benefits of Women Networking:-

1. Grow Business Connections

Engaging with your links frequently and assisting them in every issue tends to grow connections with them. Thereby, they would be present to assist you when in need to help you achieve the goals. Meanwhile, you tend to invite a lot of exposure at the same time.

2. Gain Confidence

If you are constantly meeting new people and generating ideas with them, you are ultimately stepping out of your comfort zone and gaining social skills. Moreover, more indulgence leads to more personal growth and everlasting connections.

3. Maximize Job Opportunities

The moment you are stepping out of your comfort zone, you are opening chances to new opportunities. Inclination towards broadening your horizon of development certainly gets higher. Networking would render your growth in terms of business links, personal growth and career advancement.

4. Opens Up Options Of Career Advice And Support

Referring co-workers for suggestions and discussing challenges faced eventually builds a strong foundation. Trust is the main key to any business. You can offer genuine assistance to your fellow that would also give birth to a trustworthy relationship.

5. Acquire Different Perspective

Sharing space with talented and experienced people helps you acquire different opinions and ideas. While you discuss any challenges in detail with people in your field of expertise, you would get ample of knowledge and solutions that you were overlooking with a strained mind.

Women have realised the importance of what they deserve and what they don’t. They have started taking a stand for themselves and women around them timely. Networking offers you several options for overall development as briefed above.

If you are looking for a platform to get recognized and get visibility in career options, you are in the right place. Contact Mrs. Anju Handa to join the best women club SHEconnects, as the door to opportunities is waiting for you all.

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