SHEconnects : Change Starts With You

SHEconnects : Change Starts With You

Have you ever been into a situation where your constant efforts to get recognized as a woman were in vain or an outlook towards life that wasn’t given much importance?

You were embedded under the societal and family burden and yet, you still are.

But, don’t you worry as SHEconnects helps you to come out of your nutshell.

Millions of women seek help but are unable to overcome the struggle or not aware of how to lead further. SHEconnects picks you up from the dust and helps you fly where the sky is the only limit. The forum plays a crucial role over here grooming, advising you in the long run of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

SHEconnects is that platform or you can also call it a women club that lets you connect to your inner self. The platform covers all the real-life women issues and draws you one step closer to reality. It fills you with utter confidence and self- esteem till the day you become a free soul who ain’t scared, conscious or timid anymore and ready to express her true- self in front of anyone.


Persistently, women have been questioned in terms of their individuality and have been facing issues related to it. SHEconnects is a ray of hope as the platform offers an opportunity to prove it to yourself and the world. The exciting part is you get to share the platform with super- talented women contributing in entirely different fields with a different mindset.

The only platform that is built to empower women and helps you dream, and nonetheless, turns it into a reality. The dream you have been fabricating till now. Inspiring and encouraging your content value to become wonderful entrepreneurs one day.

Options of learning high comprise how to become the best entrepreneur as several events take place in the women club involving the women networking at a vast level along with a great amount of exposure.

The growth rate boosts up through regular motivational sessions on women empowerment, seminars, and workshops. Talk shows, fun activities, and book launches are other approaches to connect to all women and participate in it grabbing all the guidance from each other.

The social club transforms you from what you were to what you have become.

Remember change starts with you.


Dedicatedly working in her crucial years, Mrs. Anju Handa was able to put together every piece of her work thereby, establishing a platform named ‘SHEconnects’ on September 8th, 2018. The main headquarter of SHEconnects is situated in Delhi, India. A women club that was given birth to grab all the women issues while inspiring and encouraging them to every stage.

Her constant efforts of becoming a well-known entrepreneur and being recognized all over the globe ended up becoming a CEO and founder of the forum.

Nonetheless, teaching was her passion since initial days and dominated her life ultimately, resulting in a consultancy of her own. To deepen the roots in teaching, Anju Handa came up with a Preschool consultancy named GREENS. It was established in 1999. She’s the CEO and the Director of the consultancy.

In her early days, Anju Handa graduated in B.Sc and mastered in English from a well- known college in Punjab.

Moreover, honoured by quite a lot of rewards in the field of entrepreneurship, social activities, and literature Mrs. Anju Handa has seen all.

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