How Small Business Startup Boost The Women Entrepreneurs?

How Small Business Startup Boost The Women Entrepreneurs?

Women nowadays are not caged in their homes. They are now busy breaking gender stereotypes and discrimination around the world. Today, they are not only maintaining their families but also getting out of their comfort zone, creating their startup businesses, and generating work opportunities for others. Women now have a higher literacy rate, life expectancy, and a higher standard of living than they had ten years ago. And they are into every field in our society, from politics, sports, to small businesses and entrepreneurship.

The number of women entrepreneurs increased to 3000% since 1972, and it made them independent in their own lives and helped in women empowerment.

But why are so many women starting their ventures? To live life with their own choice.

Here are a few ways small business startups help to boost women empowerment.

Gives Flexibility

Women are the primary caregivers In a family. And to balance career and household chores, most women start a business. Almost 74% of women said flexibility is their priority than making money.  Being their boss gives them the freedom to create a schedule and be there for their family and take care of themselves.

Increase Women’s worth

No matter how much women progressed in society, the gender pay gap has remained since the beginning. A study found that women employees earn 80% of what a male counterpart makes in the industry.

Small businesses run by the industry can have the option to earn more than any other people, thus increasing their worth in society.

Gives Control

Working for a company gives stability; that’s a myth nowadays. Many women have experienced discrimination, layoffs, or any other problems in their workplaces. These situations can impact one’s career and cause them to lose control of their lives. But businesswomen are at the driver’s seat. It’s compelling for women because they are not dependent on any other and have direct control in their business as well as who they want to work with.

Make Career Advancement Quicker

Women in jobs often do not advance their careers quickly. A study by Harvard Business Review tested that women perform the same as men still; they are not promoted.

However, entrepreneurship builds valuable life skills, leadership quality, client dealing, and soft skills so that they can scale their business more quickly and advance in their careers at their own pace.

Follow Passions

For many women, corporate jobs are not satisfying. Many are leaving their job to do what they actually love. And entrepreneurship can make that happen for the women. It can give them immense satisfaction in their work and gives them the option to leave behind a legacy. It feels better to fail at something you love than succeeding at something you hate.

Builds Confidence

Entrepreneurship builds the network. The more people you get to support yourself, the more confident you become. Also, as you become financially independent, you need to rely on others to decrease, which builds confidence. No, wonder why so many women are opting for entrepreneurship rather than a job.

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