Effect of Coronavirus on Life: The Raising Concern for Women Empowerment

Effect of Coronavirus on Life: The Raising Concern for Women Empowerment

Coronavirus creeps upon the whole world out of nowhere. Right after WHO declared the corona outbreak as a pandemic, several schools, colleges, and offices were shut down immediately. Thousands of people choose social distancing themselves in this moment of crisis. As thousands and thousands of people choose to isolate themselves socially, a new hashtag becomes famous on the internet – Quarantine!

From several posts in social media, it looks like people are enjoying their work from home and social isolation days! But do you know amidst the health and economical crisis, this pandemic will secretly victimize the independence of the women?

Sounds surprising, right! I mean, how can a physical illness affect women’s development? Well, it does!

Here are some ways the pandemic will cause problems for working women.

The Burden of Responsibilities

The virus not only affects global health, but it will also destroy the economic condition all over the world. Due to social isolation, the chances of job losses are very high in the future. Working Couples with children have to make big decisions like who is going to leave their job now, instead of saying “we both can work, someone else will look after our children”.

Due to the closure of schools and offices, children and men are spending 24 hours at home. It will create difficulties for all working mothers. Women will find it difficult to focus on their office work because they have to manage their household works also.

Pandemic and its Effect on Domestic Violence

According to female activists, with thousands of people in India going to the quarantine, it is increasing the risk of domestic violence.

And this is not only a concern for the Asian countries. Developed countries like the USA and UK are also facing domestic violence.

The hotline for National Domestic Violence reported several cases where the women victim cried for help. They said the lockdown forced them with their abuser husband.

The studies of WHO states that one out of every three women all over the world experiences physical abuse. This major pandemic crisis might ignite more domestic violence cases across the globe.

Women for Women

In this moment of health, economic, and social crisis, we can only help each other by joining hands together. SHEconnects is one of the renowned foundations for helping women. We support every woman to raise their voices against any adverse circumstances.

In this rapid increase in social tension, you can share your stories with us. Our humanitarian projects, workshops, and events will help you to raise your voice against domestic violence.

Our empowering Women Social Ladies Club will guide you to tackle this global crisis by empowering you to the core. If you have to compromise your job to care for your family in the time of home isolation, then feel free to contact us. We will convey your stories to the world, and help you to lead an emotionally, financially, and professionally empowered life.

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