5 Reasons Why Women Empowerment in India is Important Today

5 Reasons Why Women Empowerment in India is Important Today

Women always have been a subject of stereotypes in any part of the globe. They are the victim of abuse, violence, discrimination, and much more. If you are a woman, you may feel the pressure of a male-dominated society every day.

Yes, you heard it right! Women have to face the norms and patriarch mindset in their daily lives. From their kitchen to the workplace, they are suppressing their needs and desire for the sake of society.

To help women fly, empowering them to break all the chains of the patriarchal society is necessary. Women’s empowerment is the only way to make them feel their worth and educate them.

Here we have mentioned why empowering women in India is important. Scroll down to know more about it.

Women Empowerment in India

1.To End Workplace Discrimination

Gender bias is a common term in every woman’s life. More than 50 percent of women all around the planet face inequality in their work. The wage gap, promotional bias are not a myth in this patriarchal society. Even women in a higher position get paid less than a man. Empowering every woman is essential to put an end to this bias.

2. To Make Women Financially Independent

Every person has the right to live their lives on their terms. Then why should women sacrifice their independence because of patriarchal traditions? Women empowerment helps women to understand that they should not rely on men for their financial expenses. Women have the ability and power to come out from the cave and blossom with confidence.

3. To Make them a Leader

You have probably witnessed hundreds of men to become the CEO, business tycoons, and leaders all across the globe. But how many women have you seen to be a leader or even an entrepreneur? Are the numbers pretty less right? Society suppresses women to become a leader and lead a men’s world. Women empowerment will guide you and influence you to take the lead!

4. To Put an End to Domestic Violence

Domestic violence, disrespect, an unhealthy and abusive relationship is a reality of most of the marriages in India. Thousands of women in India feel scared to raise their voice against these issues. Women empowerment will educate each woman to fight against the violence and raise voice against the exploitation of their body and soul.

5. To help them Realize their Worth.

It is crucial to help women realize they are equally intelligent and worthy, like any man in our country. Even in some fields, they are way ahead than men. They must learn to control their lives on their own. Women empowerment will help you to understand your value and turn your life from negative to positive.

Women’s empowerment is crucial to empower the entire nation. To change the whole world and beak all the obstacles, women have to step out of their comfort zone.

Be a part of our Ladies club in Delhi to empower yourself and be an example to the world. Only women can support women to fight against this discrimination and to make their voice count.

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